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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
1:42 am
This is an apology to everyone. Everyone and everyone I’ve hurt, stabbed in the back, and pissed off. I, Percy Ignatius Weasley, stand metaphorically naked and humbled before you all.

Well, not you all, but certain people, who all should know who they are.

I followed someone blindly, and made a whole lot of stupid decisions and made even stupider actions while doing so. I have come to the realization of how bloody awful I have been, and how utterly stupid and careless, and it makes me feel absolutely awful.

So, here I am, begging the forgiveness of all of those people I hurt, and I can only hope that… eventually, you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me. I understand that it will take a while to fall back into everyone’s good graces, but I really want to try.

… also, if it’s incentive to get you people to like me more. Cornelius Fudge is impotent, and a squib, or damn near close to one.

current mood: groggy

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Friday, October 8th, 2004
1:42 am
With being unemployed comes utter boredom, lack of food, and the risk of getting kicked out of where you live. But don't comment with "I told you so" or "It serves you right".

I need money, AND something to do.

current mood: hungry

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Sunday, September 26th, 2004
2:45 pm
Well...Collapse )

In other news, I quit my job today. No real reason, I just thought I could do better. That, and the new boss is exceedingly stupid, and quite frankly, I'm allergic to stupid. So, if you're one of those people who have wondered why I avoid you, you sort of know why.

I just walked out of the Ministry, just like that. Just left in the middle of the workday and firmly decided I simply was not coming back. Let that git who calls himself a Minister file his own things. Though I don't think he's literate (he asked me to read and write everything for him, how tedious). Oh well� he can go find someone else.

Now lies the question as to what I do now, and here is where I made a mistake. How stupid of me to just quit with absolutely nothing to fall back on. But� that's all right; I'm sure with my credentials I could get any job I want, or that you offer.

That's a hint, you know.

current mood: amused

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Friday, September 24th, 2004
2:54 am
Writing this as fast as I can. Excuse occasional missing words, please and thank you. Ministry is new hell now, it seems. Boss hates me for some reason, think it might have to do what he called a clammy handshake, being a know-it-all (his words) might be a benefiting factor too.

Don't really like boss either. Think I might get fired. Wouldn't like that, wouldn't like that at all, I'd probably become bed-ridden and just die. Everyone would be happy. I'd be doing the world a favor. Best I said that before any of you did.

Tried writing a letter to Mum. Figured she'd be the least upset... couldn't get past the opening sentence. Gave up after forty-eight tries. Was sad, wasted a lot of parchment. Hermes won't let me go neat him anyway... arm and have covered in bites and scratches. Think it might have something to do with child elated to boss rattling cage when I had him at the office. Damn kids.

Must go. Thought I'd update on what is happening. This is nothing.

Oh yes... heard Oliver is coming to Hogwarts from gossipy people. Curious as to if it is true or not. Would like to see him, even if he won't want anything to do with me.

Would like to see a lot of people... not when they apparate to beat me. Must have not done anything to evoke beating.s Guess that's good. Also guess I've jinked myself.

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Monday, September 6th, 2004
6:33 pm - Oh my
today mrs fudhe came by and told me to like, take the gflashk in cornilius fudges desk which he always pits the contents in his coffee, so i said okay and she hgace me ytwenty galleions

sp i took the thinfg to my lgflat and curiosutity ogot the better of me and i drank some... i drakn a lot before i realised its inchanted to never go empty but i feel better... you kids fighting was giving me a headcache

wjahats with friends ggfiughiting? that's rilly sad

current mood: drunk

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2:46 am - T_T
My ankle hurts, I really wish I hadn't spent all of my money, or at least had enough resources in my flat to make it stop.

I suppose walking around the Ministry all day for three or four days afterwards did nothing to help either.

Blast it.

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
9:00 pm - Why?????
You would think that of all people at the Ministry, Cornelius Fudge wouldn't have chosen me to do an assignment at Hogwarts', especially for an assignment... like.... this. You see, I have been dispatched there to attend a ball, and supervise things, just incase any suspicious incidents occur during the event.

Going anywhere near Hogwarts would be bad enough, considering I'm not the school's more favorite alumnae, but I could probably stand just one night.

-If- only it didn't require me to wear a dress. That's the theme, "Gender Appreciation". How embarrassing, I just know I'll look horrid. Maybe I could ask Mrs. Fudge if I could borrow one of her dresses, or not. Ugh.

I suppose I could owl Penelope, but how embarrassing would that be, "Hello Penelope! Remember when we dated for a year or two? Well, I have a favor to ask, do you have any dresses which will look good on me? If so, may I borrow them? I hope you'll use your best judgment. Sincerely, Percy."

I suppose that'd just be great.

current mood: uncomfortable

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1:26 am
The youth of today truly is our future. Does this worry anyone else?

I mean, I just get terrified when I think that... these children will be controlling the world when I'm old.

It will be total anarchy, I tell you!

current mood: scared

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Monday, August 30th, 2004
3:51 am
Ahem. You must really love your girlfriend if you let anyone and everyone call her an ugly whore, along with many other rude and inappropriate names, yet you jump down the throat of someone who tries to argue against those claims. But perhaps you're just one of those unsavory gits who degrades what they assume is 'their' property, and is overprotective to the point of being absurd. Though I sincerely hope this isn't the case.

On another note, I saw Arthur today, but only just briefly. It was in the Ministry's break room. Suffice to say, the experience was bloody awkward. We just� looked at each other for a moment, before he nodded slowly, and said� "Son", and moved along.

The look on his face and the tone of his voice showed no signs of animosity whatsoever, which did surprise me quite a bit. After all, if there was one person that should be considerably angry with me, it's him. But he wasn't. I mean, bugger all, he still called me son! When I met with him, he just seemed very despondent� which is quite understandable.

The meeting did make me feel a bit� I don't know, but it was a very poignant experience, especially considering he called me 'Son'.

current mood: tired

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
3:57 am

It’s quite a treat when you wake up in the dead of night, coughing up blood, which came from the broken nose you received earlier. Actually, I was coughing up coagulated blood and mucus, which doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth, I assure you.

It doesn’t help any that there’s a lot of it, on my hands. I suppose I should go to the lavatory and wash up, before I make everything messier. Because Merlin only knows that blood all over this new keyboard is simply delightful.

And I assure you all, this will be reported, especially since I have a sneaking suspicious the culprits got here by quite illegal means. There will be steep fines… very steep fines. FOR THE BOTH OF YOU.

On another note, please come up with more original material for your “scathing” insults aimed towards me. Writing FUCK YOU in all caps can only intimidate me so much.

And by so much, I mean not at all.

Thank you and good night.

current mood: sinus headache?

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Saturday, August 28th, 2004
3:13 pm
From the Quill of Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic and Great Lay Percy Ignatius Weasley (Cursed bloody novelty scrolls.)

Fudge is unusually happy today, on asking him why, he informed me of a rumored incident which happened the other night, and how it would make Albus Dumbledore look bad. Making Dumbledore look bad, which backs Fudge's claim that he is no longer fit to take care of a large amount of people, always makes him unusually happy.

He didn't give me much detail on what happened, though, but he said that various students were acting in a very inappropriate manner, and that he could easily make it sound like their behavior was a result of Dumbledore's poor guidance. This would surely upset enough parents, he informed me, to (hopefully) opt for forcing the Headmaster of Hogwarts into early (or more like well-due) retirement.

My boss was so happy today, he did not reprimand me for spilling tea all over his desk, and over the report I had just turned in on counterfeit wands which are being produced, and how the inferior/fake materials used to manufacture them could prove quite dangerous.

Over all, it was a good day sans the mid-day desk work I regularly do, even if it wasn't as harsh because of Fudge's good mood.

Percy Ignatius Weasley
Personal Assistant to the Minister for Magic

P.S. In all honesty, I doubt Dumbledore will be let off. He really is an adequate headmaster... but I will not tell Fudge not to dream, lest I want him to stab me with a quill or throw a teacup at me again.

current mood: hot

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